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New to Emmaus
If you want to know more about the heartbeat of Emmaus and how we view "Church", this would be a good introductory message for you. In this message, from the series "Jesus Changes Everything", Pastor Vic talks about the practices of the early Church and challenges us to consider how we might live as the early followers of Jesus lived.

A little about us... What can you expect when I visit?

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome at Emmaus! Emmaus is about people. We are more interested in building relationships and growing spiritually than we are in practicing religion or building an institution. In our gatherings you will find a diverse group of people from many different cultures, ages and walks of life, who are unified by our faith in Jesus. As a community of Christ followers we are committed to extending love and grace to everyone, just as it has been extended to us. 
We encourage people to come as they are and to be comfortable. God is more concerned with our heart than our outward appearance. We believe that God loves us just as we are and not "as we should be." And we recongize that none of us are truly "as we should be." We all need Jesus and thankfully He welcomes us all with loving arms. 
If you are wondering about our name it is phonetically pronounced [eh-MAY-uhs] and comes from a story in the Bible found in Luke Ch. 24. In this story Jesus appears to two disciples that are walking from Jerusalem toward the village of Emmaus. As Jesus approaches the two men he finds them discussing the events surrounding his arrest and crucifixion. The men do not recognize Jesus and go on to say "we had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel." Although the men didn't fully understand what was taking place and they had doubts regarding who Jesus was, Jesus walks with them and helps them to understand the truth. 

We feel like this is a beautiful picture of how God treats us. Even during our times of struggle and doubt He is there and walks with us, even when we do not realize it. At the end of the story the men invite Jesus to stay with them and as they sit down to eat, Jesus gives thanks and breaks the bread. It is at this moment that their eyes are opened and they realize who He is. It is our hope that as we walk together on this journey, that God will teach us and open our eyes to His presence and truth.

Lastly, we want to let you know that we believe that Scriptures (Old and New Testament) are God's word. Therefore we are committed to teaching and helping one another understand the Bible within its context. On Sunday morning you will experience contemporary and creative worship service as well as relevant Bible teaching that will help you take the next step on your spiritual journey and live out God's mission and purpose for your life.  


Our service begins at 10 AM but if you come early, you will find people hanging out, engaging in converstation and enjoying free coffee, fruit and doughnuts in our café. 


What about my children?

We believe that our children are the next generation of leaders in the Church as well as society.  For this reason, we place a high priority on the children's ministry at Emmaus.  It is our desire to provide a safe and loving environment that is fun and facilitates spiritual growth for children of all ages.
Classes are designed for age’s birth through fifth grade. While at Emmaus, your child will experience engaging, age-appropriate teaching, worship and activities, all developed to point your child toward a daily relationship with Christ.
Sub Zero (6th through 8th grade) meets every Sunday morning, except the first Sunday of each month, after the worship portion of our 9:30am service.  They enjoy interactive, activity based study that brings Scriptural truths to life in an experiential way.  Fellowship and outreach events provide additional ways for our young people to grow relationally, as well as spiritually.

How do I get connected?

At Emmaus Church, we value authentic relationships.  We want to be people who enjoy life together as we live out the mission of God.  Therefore, we try to provide multiple ways for individuals to get connected within the community.  You will find that fellowship events as well as small groups (we call them Life Groups) are a major part of our culture.  There are also many opportunities to serve (in the church gatherings and in the community) with other people. 
Hopefully, you will find a great place of connection!




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