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Project for Hope - Guatemala

Based in the small farming community of Magdalena Milpas Altas in the central highlands of Guatemala, Project For Hope exists to share the life-changing love of Christ with fatherless families through vocational training and employment for single mothers and widows, mentoring and education for their children as well as healthcare assistance for their entire family.



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Love Guatemala 

Love Guatemala serves people primarily in the rural village of Magdalena, Guatemala through a partnership with Carlos and Thelma Lopez in the art, cooking, and carpentry schools. Through these trade school programs, families are identified who have the ability to gain the skills necessary to provide for their family while also providing for others. Our desire is to bring sustainability to local families. And this in turn brings renewed hope and passion to other families and the whole community. 

Love Guatemala is currently in the process of expanding from 3 to 12 trade schools, launch a feeding center, literacy program, Bible training center and establish a Christ-centered community church in the coming years. 



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Buena Vista Sports Academy

The Buena Vista Sports Academy exists to provide an avenue for boys - in the impoverished village of Buena Vista, Guatemala - to break generational chains related to poverty.

The focus of the ministry is centered around competitive soccer training and competition.  There are approximately 30 boys in the academy at all times, the idea being that we can "go deep" with each of them in an effort to instill longterm, life-changing values.  We chose this approach, as opposed to an "open to the public" model, which would have allowed us to minister to hundreds of kids, but on more surface level as opposed to a deeper relational level.
We have a 15-member JV team of "Rhinos" (ages 10-13) and a 15-member Varsity team of "Rhinos" (ages 14-18).  Most boys enter the academy around the age of 10 or 11 and graduate around the age of 18, giving them 7 to 8 years in the program.  We believe this gives us ample time to work towards transformational change, and our prayer is that during these critical years the generational cycles of abuse related to poverty can be broken.  During their time at the academy the boys participate in an intense and focused program combining highly-competitive sports, classroom education, devotionals, weight-training, hygiene, and nutrition.  Most importantly, we aim to teach the boys about following Jesus, respecting women, serving their community, and becoming loving husbands and fathers. 



Love for Ethiopia 

Our mission staetment at Love For Ethiopia is to help the marginalized children of Ethiopia break their cycles of poverty by providing them with a quality education and the hope of Jesus Christ. We do this by finding people, families, churches, or groups that want to not only sponsor a child monetarily but also create a relationship with their child in Ethiopia. We encourage sponsors to write letters, send pictures and even come with us to Ethiopia to visit their child.  The majority of our children there are orphans so they really cherish the love they get from their sponsors. 







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